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Towards a Secular and Corruption Free Kerala

Towards a Secular and Corruption Free Kerala

All citizens who have come face-to-face with corruption and malpractice in government have wanted to put a stop to it.

But their genuine enthusiasm to be a part of the solution has always been tempered by several concerns

  • Who should they complain to?
  • What information should they include?
  • Is there any risk if their identity is revealed?
  • Is it worth the trouble?

This platform is the answer to those questions.

On the other side of this page, you will be provided with a very simple form, through which you which you can share your experience and evidence.

The evidence can vary from a recorded audio clip, a chat screenshot, call history screenshot, a document or a photo or anything else that can substantiate your complaint. Please ensure that the information is accurate before submitting.

With reliable data provided by a large number of citizens, the government will be able to ensure accountability and attack corruption in a way that has never been done before.

This portal has been made as part of the Chief Minister’s 10 Point Programme for 2021.

Click the button below to take a step towards making Kerala more accountable.

“The government aims to wipe out corruption completely. To achieve this, we need the government officials and the general public to act together.”

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Honble Chief Minister, Kerala

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